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Ihram is essentially making the formal ‘intention’ of performing the Umrah. In order to enter the fold of Ihram, the individual must change clothes and take a proper bath (ghusl) which showcases an act of washing away all impurities.

General Guidelines for Umrah Pilgrims:

•    Travellers must carry vaccination certificates with them for inspection by the Saudi Authority at the port of entry.
•    No food products are allowed into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
•    Pilgrims will be authorized to visit any city besides the Holy Sites if they request permission from the Authorized Saudi Passport Offices.
•    Their travel agency should be informed of such intention. The travel agency should then provide and arrange for transportation.
•    Umrah pilgrims should not overstay their visas.
•    Umrah pilgrims are urged to declare all currencies in their possession and to exchange currencies only through authorized currency exchange establishments.

General Guidelines for Travel Agencies:

•   Travel agencies must submit all contracts and financial guarantee letters before Umrah visas are issued.
•   Passports will be returned if the information submitted is not compatible with the information sent electronically by the Ministry of Hajj.
•   The Embassy reserves the right to inform the Ministry of Hajj about travel agencies that submit inaccurate or incomplete applications.