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What We Do

"All Haj & Umrah Tours India Association" was established at Mumbai, for the training and guidance to AHUTIA’s Members to provide excellent and Comfortable service for Pilgrims who going on Hajj and Umrah. This Association is a nonprofit able making organization.

The main objective of the association to make easy Umrah & Hajj of serving Travel Agents and Hajis from every corner of India. The Aim of the Organization is to make Umrah accessible to one and all by supporting Travel Agents and giving a fair deal to all Umrah Travelers.

As this organization came into existence, its registration was done under the Indian Company Act, 1956. Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India issued the certificate of Incorporation in favor of this organization. Its corporate Identity number being U63030MH2018PTC15933. This organization is registered and recognized by the Government of India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

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How We Work

The Association started with members from All states of India.

This Association works in the legal frame work of bye-laws formed by the Managing Committee, consisting of twelve 14 members and likely to expand with other reputed members from all over India who serve the association without any remuneration or even an honorarium since its inception

The election of the Managing Committee is held every year by ballot.

The Managing Committee regularly holds its Meetings, wherein all the decisions are taken after full deliberations and thorough discussions very democratically. The decisions taken in the Managing Committee prevail upon all and then executed accordingly.

The Association holds it’s Annual General Meeting, regularly and on time. Copies of Audited Reports are dispatched to each and every member well in advance for its approval. Each and every member has full liberty to views any point of order in the Annual General Meeting of the Association

This Association offers its utmost co-operation to its members to solving problem of pilgrims.

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  • 1) Training platform for Haj &Umrah pilgrims
  • 2) To safeguard the interest & security of members of the association in conducting the pilgrimage groups.
  • 3) To co-ordinate between various government authorities in India & Saudi Arabia.
  • To keep update the members about the rules & regulations whenever updated by authorities.
  • 4) To train the members in conducting the packages by providing the latest modules & facilities introduced in the industry.
  • 5) To encourage friendly & healthy competition among the members of HGO to serve the pilgrims in performing the pilgrimages.
  • 6) To take action against those HGO’s who do not fulfill the obligations and commitments to the pilgrims.
  • 7) To fully safeguard and protect the interest of pilgrims & HGO’s
  • 8) To conduct comprehensive orientation & training programmes for pilgrims.

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